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17th of February

New Album and Spring Tour



We are excited to release our fifth cd, Song of Hope. God has taken us through some deep waters and in those depths He gave us grace and strength. We long to share that grace and hope through these new songs and pray that He will use them to bring rich encouragement to you! This cd is now available to order.

We leave soon for a spring tour which will take us throughout the mid and eastern US, all the way down to Florida. We will be on the road for almost three months. We pray for His grace to carry us and that He will be exalted and folks encouraged! Check out our schedule to see if we will be near you. We are always open to invitations for any unbooked dates.

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22nd of April

Fall 2013 Tour Plans

We are excited to bring encouragement through Christ wherever He leads us! We are planning to tour through the following States, mid-September through mid-November 2013, Lord-willing: Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington.We are always so blessed when folks contact us about coming to their town, but we can’t always keep track of that info, so if you have any interest in ‘hosting the Josties’, and you live in these western States, let us know soon.

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23rd of January

2013 January/February Texas Tour

Hey folks, our family is ready to head down through the USA to Texas and back over the next few weeks. If we’re in your area we would love to see you (link to schedule).

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25th of April

Jesus Free Us

Jesus’ purpose in coming to earth was to set the captives free. (Luke 4:18) Jesus is the Truth that brings freedom. (John 14:6, 2 Cor 3:17) He said, “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32) It is our prayer that His Holy Spirit would use the truth in these songs to bring freedom to hearts that are burdened with worries and cares or those oppressed by bitterness, shame and failure. Jesus Christ alone can unlock the chains, we all need to surrender and trust this blessed Liberator! Jesus Free Us!

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4th of April

New CD Coming Soon!

We are happy to announce that we are finishing up our latest CD project and, Lord willing, it will be available for order later this month.

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25th of January

2012 Tours!

Josties are planning 2012 tours through the western USA in Feb/March and again in April/May. See schedule for updates. We are also in the process of recording our 4th cd and appreciate prayer for that project. Blessings!

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12th of January

Touring in the western states mid-March through early May.

Lord willing, we are touring down into Montana, Idaho, California, Oregon, Utah and Washington mid-March through early May. If you would be interested in hosting a concert or finding more info about specific open dates please contact us through our contact page.

Outdoor Concert in Oklahoma (photo courtesy of Jeremy Naylor)

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3rd of September

Touring Down to Texas this Fall

Hello all!

We’ve all had a very blessed and busy summer. Lot’s to keep busy with here at home!

Lord willing, our family will be touring down through the states to Texas and back in Oct and part of November. If you are any where between Montana and Texas take a look at our schedule and see if we are in your area. Would love to see you! Also, if you are interested in booking us please email us via our contact form or phone us at 403-647-2553 and talk to Dale.

Blessings in Christ!

The Josties

Singing at Granum Jamboree this summer:

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10th of July

“What Happy Is” Music Video

Our first music was just released today.
– Read More –

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15th of June

Final Leg Of 2010 Spring Tour

Our last update post we were about to head into Prince Edward Island. Our time on the Island was truly amazing. We started with a concert in Charlottetown at a CRC church. The first couple days we stayed at Bugaboo Cottages owned by Rob and Cheryl Campbell (check out their website). It was so refreshing to relax and recharge there and just enjoy God’s amazing beauty on the Island. The ocean and the sunsets are stunning


Bagpipes in PEI with the Campbells

Carson Campbell played Happy Birthday for Mom

We had a concert in a cute little church in Bonshaw which was attended by our rowdy friends the Skys. 🙂

Bonshaw concert

We had the joy of spending a few days at the Sky’s spacious Inn. The fellowship with the Sky family and the students/guests they had was so refreshing. Judah had the privilege of being “knighted” by the young men there. 🙂 We also spent parts of each day filming segments for a music video that Joel is putting together.

Film crew

Great fellowship with the Skys and crew

Mom and Dad by the red cliffs

We left the Island on Friday, May 28th to head over to Nova Scotia for a concert in Halifax that night at the Metro Vineyard. It was so great to reconnect with Larry and Karen Levy at the church there. Larry blessed us so much by having the audience come up around us after the concert and lay hands on us and pray for us. Afterwards, we headed over to the Habermehl family again and were so blessed by our stay there. It’s so cool to see such godly young families coming up. May 29th was our precious Mom’s 50th birthday. At the concert the night before Mom’s birthday a gentlemen at the concert gave Dad the funds to take her out to a luxurious restaurant on the Halifax harbour. They enjoyed a fantastic lobster dinner. May 30th we had a concert at Middleton, NS at a really cool old baptist church in the morning. In the afternoon we had a BBQ with the pastor there and the Habermehl family (and their 22 Yr. old nephew) and some other guests. In the evening we had a concert in New Minas, NS at a presbyterian church.

We said goodbye to Canada on May 31st and headed into Maine. June 1st we had a concert that was hosted by the Denny family in Poland, Maine. They also do music as a family and it was great to connect with them. We left Maine early June 2nd and spent the next few days traveling across the US heading towards Yankton, South Dakota. We celebrated Judah’s birthday a day early in Des Moine, IA by giving him breakfast in bed in our hotel, and then going to a Chuck E Cheese for fun, games and pizza. What a mature young fellow he is becoming.

After concert in Poland, Maine.

We arrived at the Stibral family in SD on June, 6th with a concert in Avon, SD that night. It was also Judah’s 7th birthday that day.

Over the next couple days we spend time at the Stibral family. They have 12 children and run a resort/sports rental business. They put us up in really nice units. We were able to do kayaking, ultimate frisbee, sherbet, music and a lot of other activities together. Mom enjoyed connecting with another songwriting mom, too:-) Really had an awesome time with them.

The Stibral family doing music

Thursday we traveled to near Billings, MT and stayed with our dear friends the King family. They just recently lost their newborn baby son, Isaac Samuel Triumph who had trisomy 18/heart complications. It was so moving and God honouring to see how they have responded and are praising God for the 12 days they had with him. They are walking in His grace and have such amazing faith.

Looking back over the sea of faces we have been so blessed to meet, it is overwhelming to see how God has kept our family and shown His glory through our weakness. We pray that the seeds that His Spirit planted in every person we shared with will be watered by Him. We thank Him for His grace and stamina to do this as a family. We are humbled by the generosity and hospitality of believers all across the US and Canada. We thank you for the prayers on that have been lovingly offered up on our behalf!

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